Founded by Nico and Jonas in January 2017 and based in Hamburg, Germany, tonkunst.tv is a place for everyone who wants to learn to play the guitar, to get inspired and discover everything around one of the most joyful things in the world: making music.

Both of us are long-time guitar players and we learned a lot from the internet. We were just always missing a website that provides it all: Everything a beginner needs to know, thoughtfully categorized video tutorials from all levels of difficulty, chords, lyrics, inspirational content ... and that's what tonkunst.tv is all about.

Have fun discovering our website, getting inspired and improving your play and don't forget to share your experience with us!

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Tonkunst, literally "The Art of Tone", is an obsolete term in the German language applied for art music of the 19th century, and often used in music history and musical aesthetic representations. It probably originated from the need to give the music a place among the classical arts like architecture, sculpture, painting, prose and poetry, and also recognize the composer or musician as a creative individual. The term is found for example in the inscriptions of the Walhalla memorial built in 1842, where a good example is Joseph Haydn, titled as "Doctor der Tonkunst" ("Doctor of Tone-Art"), and Ludwig van Beethoven as "Tondichter" ("Tone-poet"). Today the term is rarely used, but lives on, for example, in the name of the Tonkünstler Orchestra.

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