Common Mistakes

as you start learning how to play the guitar

1. Practice
2. Play, play, play
3. Rhythm and Timing

First things first! Mastering  the guitar is a thing for a lifetime. So in order to enjoy it as much as possible you need to see your practice sessions as joyfull as possible! As soon as you stop practicing and learn, you stop play the guitar! Choose your muse and play the guitar!


Not enough practice

So the biggest mistake you can make while playing the guitar, is to actually not play and practice! All mistakes made are not to bad and can be changed afterwords, as long as you play the guitar. But if you don´t play you can´t learn a thing. So the single most important thing, which you need to maximize in order to advance your guitar play, ist to practice. There is no way around. No secret tips, no gadget´s, no videos, the secret is: Practice!

Practice time

One of the biggest motivation killers is that you learn boring stuff you don´t want to play anyway. Nobody learns to play the guitar while doing boring stuff. More likely you shout listen, pick a song you like and soon you will be able to learn and play songs you love!

Not practicing correctly

A common beginner mistake is, that as soon as they reach a decent level of guitar play they stuck. This because they keep playing the known basis repertoire instead of learning new stuff. In order to gather new skills you need to practice and learn things every single day and repeat it as much as possible!

No repetition

It´s better to repeat and practice every day 15 minutes instead of practicing 2 hours once a week. Before you start the practice session you shout take a few minutes to prepare yourself, tune up, stretch your fingers and do some warm up excercises. The actual practice time you should devote to practice already known, learning new stuff and hav fun with it.

Not setting goals

Furthermore have a clear goal of what you want to learn and stick to it untill you mastered it. Set yourself short time goals and keep up. An Exampe would be „I will learn to play the 8 basic chords within a month“. It doesn´t matter if you practice the basic chords, a certain song, strumming pattern, techniques like palm mute, pulloffs or scales.

Getting distracted

If you stuck at one point, don´t make the mistake and lose your focus. A common mistake made, to jump from one source of information to another instead of practicing. This makes it sometimes easier but you waste your time. If you want to learn, choose one of our lessons, make yourself a plan and stick to it!

Play, play, play

Never playing in front of others

As already mentioned, most important if you want to learn guitar, is to play the guitar.

Keep the guitar around that you can see and take it at any time. Also play in front of others, like your family and friends. This will provide you with some helpfull adrenaline, you have a short term goal to archive and will show you weak parts you need to work on. Furthermore will it motivate you to practice even more!

Not playing with others

To play with others is not very easy. This because you need a decent level of guitar play as well as someone you can aline your guitar play with. If you can work it out it ´s very rewarding, you can leran a lot, have a lot of fun and really master your play.

Rhythm and Timing

Playing too fast

Practice slowly the speed comes naturally. Focus on how to control you fingers and do precise movments instead of playing fast. Playing slowly, but correctly, is more much more important than playing fast, but sloppy.

Underestimate tempo and timing

Rhythm is basically the most important thing of music but very often underestimated.

Beginner often play the just learned a way to fast. This because they think it sounds better. But most students don´t realize that the rhythm and timing is totally off. Use a metronome to keep this in mind and work on your ryhthem and timing skills on a daily basis.